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Regular septic tank cleaning is important to maintain your tank so that you would not have to replace it earlier than necessary. If you require an experienced and reliable company, look no further than Underdog Septic and Environmental Service. 

 We service both commercial and residential systems.

We will always make every effort to be at your appointment on time. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise in which case Underdog will make every effort to let you know if this occurs. Underdog is proud to be serving the Eastern Shore and the HRM.


Septic tank cleaning services from Underdog Septic and Environmental Service are designed to empty out your septic tank and dispose of the effluent in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Through the use of the latest technology and equipment, we leave you with a clean septic system.


At Underdog, we use high pressure jetted water to flush your residential/commercial septic pipes. From smaller household pipes to cleaning manholes and cleaning sewage/storm pipes. We remove waste, debris and many other obstructions that can cause piping systems to not work properly.


 Sometimes our septic systems just don’t work right or are in need of repair. Underdog Septic and Environmental Service is happy to offer our clients minor repair of most systems. If we are unable to do the repair, we will happily recommend someone who can get the job done safely and efficiently!

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